Eugene Drivers Underground


A community of drivers here to give support to riders and other drivers alike for the ride sharing and food delivery services in the Southern Oregon region; more precisely the Eugene Region.
The general purpose of the "undergound" is this: to embrace and keep the services alive with the whatever's needed, like a moving belt in the direction of travel, and not preventing the flow by putting up road blocks, but allowing full freedom of choice on what service(s) to use as an individual, group, or corporation.

Here you will find:

  • Details about the Rules and Regulations
  • Direct access to the maps and estimated online calculators for the respective services
  • Option to request a scheduled ride.
  • Learned tips, pricing, etc to help you get a quality ride
  • Recommended products for drivers {and anyone else} to help try and keep your car {or home} clean and sanitary

We look forward to serving our community and region at large in enhancing everyone's overall experience(s).

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